Dragons Den

Our Experience

If your think you recognise our product you may be right! In January 2022 we appeared on the bbc TV show Dragons Den here in the UK.

It was a fantastic experience  all round. While we didn't get the investment we were looking for, there were so many positives that came from the show we are so glad we had the opportunity and without a doubt we would do it again.

While the dragons may not have seen the business as a viable investment opportunity, there was one thing they all agreed on. The engineering quality of the product. This was fantastic to hear and we are so glad it went noticed. If you have ever watched Dragons Den (or Shark Tank as the US equivalent), you know how harsh they can be. If they thought the quality was poor, they would have had no hesitation in telling you all!

Yes, from the Dragons perspective our products are expensive to make which limits our profitability. Yes they could be built for much cheaper using different methods and manufactured in a cheaper country such as China. But the ethos of the company is built on quality and sustainability. So that is one thing which will never change, we will always do the expensive process of CNC machining our products here in the UK. It lets us keep an eye on quality and ensures we can keep up the high standard which we have set ourselves.

Check out our about us page if you want to hear more. Or feel free to send us a message, we would be happy to answer any of your questions about the experience! Our episode was series 19 episode one if you would like to watch it, available on bbc iplayer.