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SKKRIBE is an everyday pen with one simple aim - to have the compactness and portability of a miniature pen, but also provide the comfort and writing quality of a high end full size pen.

Every Purchase Includes:

  • Stainless Steel SKKRIBE
  • D1 Zebra 4C 0.7mm tip ink refill - black
  • Standard tip ink refill - black
  • Standard tip ink refill - blue
  • 1x Mini Split Ring


Size: 10 x 32mm Keyring. 9 x 127mm Pen

Weight: 45g

Material: Stainless Steel 316

Consumables: D1 Ink Refill (x3 Included)

Magnet Strength: 3kg Pull Force


Magnetic Quick Release

  • Magnetic quick release - Beautifully simple, just ‘pop’ to write. The most convenient pen you can carry


  • Small but comfortable - Compact for pocket carry, fits comfortably on your keyring. But transforms into a full size pen for writing for good ergonomics

    • Elegant, a pen which is part of your outfit- You carry a keyring with you every day, and use your pen every day. It is an important every day item, and should be treated as such. SKKRIBE is a premium product which is also a fashion statement. Watches, chains, and wallets get this treatment so why shouldn't your pen?'

    • Luxurious - Feels quality and sturdy, a real pleasure to use

    • Rugged, the last pen you'll ever need - Stainless steel was the material of choice mainly due to it’s ruggedness. SKKRIBE is designed to be both scratch and dent resistant so it will last you a lifetime

    Ink Refills

    • D1 Ink Refills - There’s nothing worse than only being able to use proprietary consumables. Which is why we’ve worked hard at making sure almost any D1 refill will work with SKKRIBE. We have personally tested;
      • Zebra 4C (our favourite)
      • Zebra JSB gel
      • Uni Jetstream
      • OHTO needlepoint
      • Platinum SBSP-150S hybrid
      • Schneider express

      Any other D1 refills should work if you have a particular preference, just check that the dimensions match 67mm x 2mm and you should be good to go.

    Made In The UK

    Quality is our no. 1 priority. That’s why SKKRIBE is fully made and assembled here in the UK. High end precision CNC machining is used to manufacture the main components, which are then carefully hand assembled. 

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      amazing pen

      amazing pen great to use and comfy to hold recommend 100%

      Jenny G
      Perfect gift!

      Bought a skkribe for my husband for his birthday. He loves it! lovely little gift planning on my buying one for myself too!

      Gary M
      Quality but a bit pricy

      Absolutely love the product, a lot to pay for a pen but i can understand why. You can really tell the quality when you have it in your hand. Can't fault it at all.

      Carry it everywhere.

      Never leave home without this now! Looks great on my keyring and feels really high quality, only downside is i don't like lending it to people in case they don't give it back lo

      James Donaldson
      Writing feels amazing

      Love the weight and feel of writing with this. Feels weighty and the hand glides over paper, hard to explain without trying but definitely worth the money.