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LUUMEN is an everyday flashlight with one simple aim - to have the compactness and portability of a miniature flashlight, but also provide the brightness and convenience of a high end full size light.

Every Purchase Includes:

  • Stainless Steel LUUMEN
  • 3x SR44 Button Cells
  • 1x Mini Split Ring (8mm)

As seen on BBC show Dragons Den


Size: 15 x 31mm

Weight: 25g

Material: Stainless Steel 316

Brightness: 100 Lm

Consumables: 3x SR44 or LR44 Button Cells (Included)

Battery Life: ~8 Hours

Magnet Strength: 3.2kg


Magnetic Quick Release

  • Magnetic quick release - Beautifully simple, just ‘pop’ to turn on. The most convenient flashlight you can carry



Along with our magnetic quick release, LUUMEN has a number of other great features;

  • Small but powerful - Over 100 lumens but barely bigger than a coin, unobtrusive in your pocket
  • Elegant, a flashlight which is part of your outfit- You carry a keyring with you every day. It is an important every day item, and should be treated as such. LUUMEN is a premium product which is also a fashion statement. Watches, chains, and wallets get this treatment so why shouldn't your keyring?'

  • Hands free use - The magnetic base allows you place the torch on any ferrous metal, meaning it can be angled on the project for hands free use

  • Rugged, the last torch you'll ever need - Stainless steel was the material of choice mainly due to it’s ruggedness. LUUMEN is designed to be both scratch and dent resistant so it will last you a lifetime

  • Long lasting battery - With the included batteries expect over 8 hours of high performance (Takes 3x SR44 or LR44 button cells, set included) 


 Made In The UK

Quality is our no. 1 priority. That’s why LUUMEN is fully made and assembled here in the UK. High end precision CNC machining is used to manufacture the main components, which are then carefully hand assembled. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Janice Urquhart
Brilliant wonderful Torch !

Fabulous well designed brilliant torch with a fantastic bright shining light, so small and compact and yet brilliant in every which way. Grant is also a fantastic person and really cares about his customers.


These are SO cool! I love them so much! So useful and ALWAYS help me

Kelly Robson

We live in the countryside - a dark sky area, so when its dark, it's REALLY dark. These little torches are FAB! Aswell as being very bright, they are easy to operate - even while carrying lots of other stuff due to their small size. So much less cumbersome than my phone [where I have to find it, then fiddle around to switch on the torch, and then awkwardly carry it]
They are really robust too and seem fairly bulletproof - they're Impossible to lose as you have to return it to the keyring to turn it off..... absolute genius all round. I have bought 4, and I'm back for another 2 as every member of the family now wants one on their keyring! Tells you everything.

Another really good key ring accessory

Much more powerful than a lot of small torches and phone lights, this well designed led torch is always accessible as it is attached to my key ring. I wish there were also a loop to enable it to be more easily held. I shall get a magnetic badge so I can attach it to my coat for walking home on a dark night.

John doe

Olight actually has a quick release light that is much smaller

Hi, thanks for the feedback! The Olight you are referring to is actually 35mm, ours is 31mm (never mind being 100 lumens compared to the Olights 10 lumens)