Environmental and Sustainability

Our Ethos

At flux choice we want to do our part to protect the environment as much as possible. It is important to us to be sustainable and have a small carbon footprint. We are always working on improving this, but here are a few steps which we have taken so far:

Buy for Life

In order to reduce landfill waste, we are using high quality materials which should last a lifetime. No more buying junk for your keyring which inevitably stops working within a year, thus ending up in the bin. If you buy our products it should last a lifetime, both saving you money in the long run and also being good for the environment.


Our packaging and mailer boxes are made from up to 90% recycled materials, carrying the FSC certification. As well as being fully recyclable themselves. So make sure to recycle your cardboard after opening and keep it from going to waste. Very little cardboard is used in our products or packaging, instead we are focused on using more sustainable materials.

UK Based

Most of our components are sourced within the UK, manufactured as close to home as possible in order to reduce carbon emissions from unnecessary travelling.