Coloured Titanium Split Ring (Oil Slick)

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Add an extra ounce of quality to your entire keyring with our 14mm titanium split rings. Hand anodised to give an oil slick effect which adds a splash of subtle colour to your every day carry.


  • Stylish - Every one of our premium split rings are hand anodised to give an oil slick effect. This matches perfectly with a variety of colour and materials, including stainless steel.
  • Corrosion Resistance Titanium has great corrosion resistance. A protective oxide that forms almost immediately on the metal’s surface when exposed to air and moisture will help keep your split ring from degrading
  • Light Weight - At only 3g in weight this split ring will add almost no bulk to your carry
  • Non Magnetic - Many of our products offer magnetic functionality. Using our titanium split rings you can eliminate the chance of your split ring sticking to your other devices
  • Super Strong - Titanium has an extremely high tensile strength, this is hugely important for your split ring so it can withstand any weight or pulling force

    Every Purchase Includes:

    • 1x Coloured Titanium Split Ring

      Please Note: Every ring is handmade, as such each will be unique and may vary in colour



      Size: 14 x 1mm

      Weight: 3g

      Material: Titanium

      Colour: Oil Slick